Winbond announces the first renewable energy procurement

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Winbond announces the first renewable energy procurement

Sustainability News2023.08.18
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Winbond Electronics Corporation (“Winbond”) today (August 18th) announces the successful completion of its first-ever renewable energy procurement, specifically focused on onshore wind power. Through this renewable energy procurement initiative, Winbond is expected to be provided with nearly 10 million kwh of renewable energy annually, surpassing the annual electricity consumption of its non-production sites within Taiwan.

Winbond is continuously investing in renewable energy and implementing green manufacturing practices. Regarding the investment in renewable energy, apart from establishing on-site solar photovoltaic systems to create a renewable energy source, Winbond has also invested in the renewable energy development company, CHIA-HO Green Energy Co., Ltd., in 2022, to participate in solar photovoltaic field development, marking a significant first step towards a net-zero emissions pathway. The completion of the first-ever renewable energy procurement in 2023 further demonstrates Winbond's proactive planning and expansion of renewable energy utilization.

Furthermore, Winbond emphasizes its commitment to promoting green manufacturing. In addition to procuring renewable energy externally, the company strives to optimize process energy efficiency through various means, such as waste heat recovery, utilizing low-power consumption LED lighting fixtures, and implementing energy-saving designs for chiller systems. These efforts significantly reduce energy consumption. Moreover, in May 2022, Winbond achieved the goal of establishing a systematic energy management system by obtaining ISO 50001 certification. The company has also developed the Winbond Carbon Emission Data Automation Integration System, known as the "Carbon Information Platform," aiming to construct a green information platform and realize green manufacturing.

Moving forward, Winbond will continue to explore green and sustainable solutions from a global perspective. The company plans to diversify its power sources by gradually and geographically incorporating multiple renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic and wind power, to mitigate purchasing and operational risks, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and steadily progress towards its net-zero emissions goal by 2050.


Chih-Chung Chou

Chief Financial Officer

News Liaison

Mandy Wang