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Green Product

Winbond has integrated our core innovative technology competencies with sustainable energy conservation and carbon reduction goals. Through green product design, digitalizing information systems, and improving production efficiency, Winbond can develop and optimize our products in various different areas, strictly controlling each step of our product process. Winbond promises to deliver the highest quality products to customers, minimizing the carbon emissions required to deliver our products into the hands of customers and consumers. While benefiting from the convenience brought about by technology, Winbond is lowing the impact to environment and helping the overall value chain effectively reducing carbon emissions.

SDGs 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
SDGs 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

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Completed ISO 14067 carbon footprint inventory for IC products

ISO 14067

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Maintaining Customer Relationships

Customer Satisfaction

Customers play an important role in corporate business management. The value chain of a company is closely linked to its customers, which means that Winbond is devoted to satisfying the needs of its customers and placing customers first. Winbond hope to grow and develop sustainably alongside our customers. In 2022, Winbond adopted the use of internal control reports for the first time to monitor product delivery needs. Winbond regularly reviews and tracks whether or not our products are being delivered on time, as a way of measuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, warnings for differences between the target and sales order price are displayed through an upper and lower range indicator. The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) system has standardized customer query responses for frequently seen customer queries. Winbond hopes to be able to communicate with customers more proactively and timely, responding to customer issues in real time by implementing adjustments and improvements. Winbond hopes to prevent customer complaints before they happen, allowing our customers to enjoy the benefits of this “unseen” customer service, and building sound relationships of trust.

Tracking Customer Intentions

At Winbond, we place a high priority on our brand value. Winbond continues to monitor customer complaints received in the past and take the customer’s requirements and thoughts in these past complaints into account to create customized services. In 2022, Winbond received a total of 1,085 customer complaints. Out of these cases, Winbond was able to determine through testing that 637 complaints, or 59% of total complaints, were not due to Winbond’s quality or service issues. Understanding and removing these customer complaints allowed these cases to become a useful reference for us, with this process also being a part of our customer services. Considering the amount of chips shipped, customer complaints were only received for 0.000055% of all chips shipped, which is an extremely good track record.

Quality Workshop

Winbond regularly holds quality workshops. Apart from allowing us to understand customer requirements and suggestion for products, Winbond also invites professionals and experts from the industry to attend, creating opportunities for discussions on quality and technology issues. Through the opportunities for communication offered by these quality workshops, Winbond is able to propose solutions to customer issues in real-time, as well as continuously improve and raise production and quality. These efforts can further raise customer satisfaction, while also allowing us to gain more industry and technical knowledge, helping us to continue improving our own technological capabilities and product quality. Winbond believes that quality workshops will continue playing an important role in future development, contributing to the mutual development of Winbond and our customers.

Customer Privacy Protection

Winbond Electronics strictly manages customer information. All business information, such as documents and information on customer interactions, are stored in Winbond’s internal highly-protected system. Winbond approves and release work access rights for our employees based on the relevant operational guidelines and procedures. In order to ensure that the Winbond is able to protect customer privacy and prevent business secrets and intellectual property rights from being stolen or leaked, Winbond has in 2022 obtained the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification, establishing a comprehensive information security protection system.

Winbond Electronics has already made the required adjustments to remain compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into effect in May 2018, amending the Winbond’s official website and re-inspecting the information of all website members. The GDPR has also been included in online courses on the Personal Data Protection Act. In 2022, 3,052 employees participated in these training courses, where 100% of them passed the training exam. In total, 1,526 training hours were provided.

2022 completion of online courses
3052 employees
Training exam pass rate
100 %
Total training hours
1526 hrs

Smart transition reinforces customer privacy protection - Notifications settings system & cloud services.

In order to ensure that customer privacy has been well protected, Winbond has signed confidentiality agreements with our suppliers and customers, working together to protect each other’s confidential information and preventing sensitive information from being inappropriately disclosed. Winbond has established operational guidelines and provided regular education and training on our internal employee work procedures, such as on: Phishing emails, ICP import and export restrictions, red alerts, etc. Additionally, Winbond has in 2022 implemented a smart transition for our reporting systems, using programming tools and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for: Handling computer viruses, adopting systems for running automated consistency checks on information systems, delivering mail notifications. In order to allow users to more easily operate the system in an emergency, Winbond hopes to change this system from a passive into an active one. By providing early warnings, Winbond can reduce risks, Winbond has adopted Microsoft’s cloud services to conduct automatic verifications and deliver notifications for why an account has been locked.

In 2022, Winbond continued to have no reported incidents where Winbond violated customer privacy or lost customer information, or where Winbond was fined for violating product liability laws and regulations.