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Sustainable Development Governance

Sustainable Development Governance

Sustainable Development Governance

In 2015, Winbond established the "Winbond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation Committee" as the main management for promoting sustainable development within the Winbond. It was restructured into the ESG Committee in 2022. The level of committee is raised to the level of the Board of Directors. The committee convenes at least twice a year, with the Chairman serving as its chairperson. The purpose of the committee is to plan Winbond's sustainable development strategies and goals, formulate corresponding action plans, integrate company resources, and address various sustainability issues to enhance operational competitiveness. 

Under the ESG committee, Winbond established the ESG Office and five task forces, including Environmental Sustainability, Green Products, Human Rights and Social Inclusion, Sustainable Supply Chain, and Corporate Governance. The committee regularly reports its implementation results to the Board of Directors annually to ensure the promotion and implementation of works related to corporate sustainability.

ESG committee

Composition of of ESG Committee:

  • Chairman:Arthur Yu-Cheng Chiao(Chairman)
  • Members:Allen Hsu (Ind. Director)、Stephen T. Tso (Ind. Director)、Chung-Ming Kuan (Ind. Director)、Jong-Peir Li (Ind. Director)

Responsibility of ESG Committee:

  • To implement Sustainable Development Strategy and Management Approach
  • To implement short-term, mid-term and long-term Sustainable Development Strategy and Goals
  • To review, track and amend the implementation and performance of the Sustainable Development
  • To report of the implementation and performance to BoD on an annual basis

Sustainability Statement