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Human Rights and Talent Management

Winbond complies with internationally-recognized human rights standards, taking these standards as our highest-level guiding principle, and labor rights laws. Winbond protects our employees’ freedom of association and right to free speech, and do not discriminate against employees on the basis of race, age, gender, sexual preference, disability, pregnancy, politics, and religion. Winbond is devoted to creating a workplace free from discrimination.

Winbond is committed to putting people first, and adheres to international human rights conventions and labor rights laws. Through the comprehensive human resource policies established by our human resource department, Winbond has protected the human rights of our employees, and ensured that Winbond practices diversity, equality, and human rights protection. In 2022, Winbond was certified by the RBA Validated Assessment Program (VAP) as having zero violations, and experienced no violation of laws and regulations in 2023. Winbond continuously lead employees to actively engage in social welfare activities, benefit the external community, create value and expand our positive social impact.

SDGs 17 Partnerships for the Goals
SDGs 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

First time performed a human rights due diligence investigation, with the coverage of potential negative human rights impact assessment is



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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Safety and Health

The Winbond endeavors to meet the advanced international safety, health and environmental standards and is committed to providing employees with a complying and healthy working environment through respect, caring and counseling, and participation mechanisms. Continuous improvement will be used to promote employee safety, eliminate hazards, reduce environmental, health, and safety, and asset risks, being committed to zero accidents, zero work-related injuries, and reducing environmental loads. Through the optimization of prevention and improvement measures, we will gradually reduce the rate of personnel injury, implement the concept of safety and health, and become a green enterprise with sustainable development.




Winbond has established relevant procedures to ensure that labor representatives can participate in ESH policy revisions and related safety proposals and communications. In the composition of the Winbond Occupational Safety and Health Committee, the proportion of labor representatives is better than the legal requirements, and be chaired by the general manager. Environmental, safety and health policies will be signed by the chairman.

Winbond has taken relevant front-line workers into consideration at the beginning of planning the safety and health plan, such as: The risk and hazard identification officers are all trained workers of such units, and labor representatives are also required to participate in the semi-annual environmental testing or abnormal accident discussions.

Environmental, Safety & Health Policy

Winbond Electronics Corp. is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental, safety and health(ESH) performance, and providing a safe and healthy workplace through respecting, caring for and consulting, participating with workers. We will continuously improve occupational safety, eliminate hazard, protect environment and reduce risk of ESH and property. Besides, health promotion activities took place to strengthen cohesion and develop a company culture of health and sustainability.
We will implement appropriate management and best practices to prevent injury and property damage. By effective training and communicating, all workers and contractors shall comply with our ESH requirements, and follow procedures at work.
We will continuously improve our ESH performance by reducing work related injury, resource consumption, and pollutants emission. We firmly believe concept of safety, health and environmental protection is the key to be a sustainable enterprise.

Occupational Safety and Health Management System(included fire prevention management )

  • Winbond has already obtained ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Taiwan Occupational Health and Safety Management System (TOSHMS) certification. Also, all workers have been 100% included.
  • In order to comply with the goal of zero accidents in the ESH policy, Winbond continues to use quantitative indicators such as the annual Disabling Injury Frequency Rate (FR) and Disabling Injury Severity Rate (SR),; and by setting medium and long-term goals, expecting to reach half of the industry average.
  • Along with the independent inspections by on-site unit supervisors, supervisor safety observations, on-site safety proposals and false alarm report incentives, to gradually reduce the personnel injury rate, among them, supervisors’ independent inspections also have requirements and specifications based on the characteristics of each unit. For example, class-level supervisors of equipment units must conduct inspections at least four times a month. Even high-level supervisors such as division-level supervisors must perform inspections at least once a month. Supervisor safety observation allows supervisors at all levels to conduct on-site dynamic observations based on the results of identification of operational risks and hazards. Relevant colleagues in the work area under observation were also recruited to discuss and communicate on potential risk issues in their workplaces, and to discuss prevention methods for potential risks such as personal injuries, chemical splashes, and fires.
  • Relevant contractors into the relevant risk assessments, to avoid transferring high-risk operations to non-employees only. Relevant operations have identified low, medium and high risk levels, and prioritized improvements from high to low, and implemented quantitative target management through action plans to achieve operational risk control. Currently, the number of medium and high risk operations is 0.
  • According to the operating procedures of the environmental, safety and health management system, through routine internal audits, reviews and updates every six months, and annual external audit supervision, Winbond can continue to monitor the workplace safety environment for colleagues, reduce potential risk factors, and continue to improve.In addition, for fire safety management, the company will also contract a professional fire safety equipment maintenance agency to conduct maintenance and inspections of the company to discover and improve blind spots in the company's fire safety management.
  • Introduce safety and health management standards for equipment, equipment and raw materials procurement into procurement and contract requirements

ISO 45001 and TOSHMS certification

 CTSP FabKaohsiung Fab
Certification organizationDQSDQSDQSDQS
Date of certification2022/8/122022/6/132022/11/42022/11/4
Valid date2025/8/112025/8/112025/11/32025/11/3
Certificate registration No.20003544 OHS18CB10-98002-0550600484 OHS18CB10-111001-00

Accident Investigation and Injury Prevention

Winbond established a standard accident investigation process in accordance with fire regulations and occupational safety and health management system specifications to reduce accident damage and risk. The SOP is applicable to all Winbond employees, contractors, and visitors. In the event of an accident, different levels of investigation are carried out based on the severity and type of the accident. The level of investigation also determines the composition of the investigation team.

Standard Accident Investigation Process

Situation Investigation and Cause Analysis

Apply cause analysis to the findings of the situation investigation to arrive at conclusions.

Identify the Root Cause

Verify the factors found during the analysis and eliminate factors of no significance to obtain the true cause of the anomaly.

Develop a Response

Propose feasible improvement strategies and methods for the true cause of anomaly (taking cost effectiveness and risk improvement into consideration).

Strategy for Preventing Recurrence and Standardization

Horizontally expand effective strategies to related machines or processes.

supply chain / value chain impact management

Winbond has established relevant management regulations for contractors. After receiving orders, vendors will provide relevant fab codes of conduct, and monthly communication, counseling, and implementation of education and training with vendors will be conducted through engagement organizations. The evaluation results of each vendor were calculated through the evaluation method in the contracting procedure, which will be announced in the engagement organizations and relevant safety meetings, providing reference for the responsible unit head of each project to select contractors. When necessary, the chairman or vice-chairman of the Environmental Safety and Health Management Committee of the fab may request the supervisors of relevant units to report in the meeting.

The company has established a strict supplier review system. When reviewing new suppliers, they must first conduct fire protection and industrial safety and environmental protection inspections at the supplier's factory. If the inspection results are unfavorable, the purchase transaction will not be processed until the improvement is completed. After becoming the company's official Suppliers must sign the Supplier Code of Conduct and implement it in accordance with the company's code of conduct; for existing suppliers, there will be an audit team composed of relevant units to conduct audit scores on fire safety, industrial safety and environmental protection, etc. , and continue to track improvements.

Occupational Health and Safety Education and Training

Occupational health and safety education and training is conducted by Winbond every year to reduce the incidence of occupational injuries and to strengthen employees’ understanding of safety and health, fire protection and environmental protection regulations; multiple channels have been established for online and physical courses, and employees can also watch relevant training videos through the learning system. The feedback is surveyed through questionnaires, including: satisfaction, the gap in understanding before and after the course, to ensure that the lecturers pass the corporate lecturer certification of the human resources division.The license management part, including statutory licenses not limited to fire protection, safety, environmental protection and health management, is managed online through the system, and a reserve of candidates is available to avoid gaps caused by personnel changes or resignations.

Injury Prevention Management

In terms of occupational health services and worker health promotion, Winbond has nurses in place that are better than the regulations to provide health management and health promotion services. The service targets, including employees and non-employees, can all contact the fab nurse for consultation on health care and emergency medical assistance if necessary.

Health Services and Promotion

Employee health protection service
  • Uninterrupted health services:The number of nurses exceeds the number required in the regulations
  • First aid:Work with teaching hospitals around the fab area on the green channel
  • Health examination:Provide additional special check-up items for newcomers’ health examination results, and health examination items better than that required by laws and regulations to in-service employees
Employee health improvement
  • Professional consultation services:Cooperate with the employee consultation center to provide career and work, family and parent-child, male-female relations, physical and mental stress, legal, finance, workplace management consultation
  • Winbond employee health website:The infirmary cares for the re-examination of the employees and assists in making appointments with doctors for consultation in the company
  • Education and training / health lectures:Plan a series of courses such as stress relief and sleep, high blood pressure prevention, CPR & AED for all, traffic safety and defensive driving promotion and locomotive security inspection activities

System Assessment and Management

Winbond combines the management system and online system to improve the transparency and availability of relevant statistical data. By Winbond’s internal proposal system, employees can reflect their needs through multiple channels, such as: hidden dangers and suggestions, to ensure the follow-up of the proposal and the reply of the management unit. In the education and training, it’s reminded that if a hazardous situation is found during the operation, the workers can immediately stop the operation and report. The priority is to protect the life safety and health of the workers, and they will not be punished for exercising the right of withdrawal.

Winbond has corresponding safety regulations for high-risk operations, requiring all operating manufacturers to complete 100% special operation  permit and conduct inspections before, during and after the operation to ensure that the entire operation is safe. For example, if there is a open flame work, any combustible materials within a horizontal distance of 11 meters must be removed or covered with a fire blanket before the operation. If it is an open flame operation, it must be confirmed on site that there is no open flame or fire source 4 hours after completion.


Winbond independently develops a chemical management system for hazard management. After reviewing the safety data sheet and hazard label content provided by the vendor, and confirming whether it is a prohibited and restricted substance in Winbond’s commitment, we conduct storage, supply, waste gas / liquid treatment assessment, related risk assessment, and propose countermeasures based on the results.

As for the exposure assessment of hazardous substances, Winbond independently conducts additional environmental monitoring on related allowable concentration, or the internationally established threshold limit value, which is better than the legal requirements. To pass the monitoring, it must be lower than 1/10PEL to meet Winbond’s standard, which is also stricter than that in the regulations; and re-monitoring is conducted every six months.

Long-Term Preventive Emergency Measures

Winbond deliberates in safety-related meetings at all levels (such as monthly safety meetings in the fab and quarterly safety and health committee meetings), and also conducts relevant tracking through the company’s internal ESH management electronic system to ensure that relevant corrective and preventive measures can be 100% achieved. At the monthly safety meeting, Winbond provides prizes to those who actively report as a reward for reporting false alarm accidents. 

Winbond conducts emergency response drills every month. The drill scenarios include fire alarms, chemical leaks, gas leaks, large water leaks, or other situations. In addition to the relevant drills organized by employees and non-employees within the factory, we also cooperate with the joint response team of the science park, and cooperate with the management bureau every year to extend the joint defense drills to surrounding manufacturers and residents. Among them, the company holds regular. fire training every year. Both new employees and current employees are required to receive fire-fighting training. It also strengthens on-site evacuation capabilities through semi-annual evacuation drills for all employees (including contractors).