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Social Inclusion

Starting from its ESG vision, Winbond aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to tackle various societal challenges. It incorporates Winbond's core strengths into three main strategic initiatives: Talent Development, Nature-based Solutions, and the Promotion of Charity and Environmental Protection, aiming to leverage resources for social impact.
1.Talent Development: Winbond is committed to fostering individuals by imparting new knowledge and skills, thereby offering opportunities for their development. Notable initiatives in 2023 include the "Semiconductor Academy," "Academic Sponsorship," and organizing "Cultural Events.”
2.Natural-based Solutions: In line with achieving the 2050 net-zero target, Winbond collaborates with various sectors to promote industry-academia-government cooperation programs. Key projects in 2023 include "Afforestation" and "Conservation and Breeding," aimed at carbon removal from the atmosphere and enhancing biodiversity simultaneously.
3.Promotion of Charity and Environmental Protection: Winbond dedicates resources to assist vulnerable groups and improve livelihoods. Key initiatives in 2023 include "Supporting the Disadvantaged," "Emergency Aid," and "Environmental Protection."

SDGs 17 Partnerships for the Goals
SDGs 13 Climate Action
SDGs 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
SDGs 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
SDGs3 Good Health and Well-Being

Total Social Welfare Investment Amount



Education Financial Aid Raised for Impoverished Students



Supporting elementary school students for a whole year



Cultural Events

Cultural Events

Sponsoring the "On the Road"(working title) Documentary Series

In 2023, Winbond sponsored the production of the "On the Road"(working title) documentary series, directed by the French-based filmmaker Ms. Li Xiuchun. The series focuses on the stories of foreign Catholic priests in Taiwan, shedding light on the contributions of over 100 priests from countries such as France and Switzerland to Taiwan's political, economic, and social progress over the past 70 years. The documentary was filmed in various locations in Taiwan and Europe, completed in 2024, and screened in both Europe and Taiwan. 

Winbond hopes that through the sponsorship of this documentary and its promotion, it can engage in meaningful interactions with individuals interested in the subject matter, ultimately disseminating the stories to the general public.

The amount of sponsorship is
500000 NTD
Sponsoring an Artistic Journey for Schoolchildren

In response to the government's policy of cultivating cultural consumption habits, in 2023, Winbond organized a one-day family day event at the National Palace Museum Southern Branch. The event featured a combination of cultural appreciation and educational experiences, with performances by Yoyo Family's sisters, the Catholic Mindao Home percussion band, and the Gift Box Theater focusing on ESG-related themes.

Continuing the spirit of philanthropy, the family day event also extended invitations to children from St. Francis nonprofit organization and Eden social welfare foundation to participate in the activities and visit the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. This tangible visit provided an opportunity for 6,065 employees and their families, as well as 55 invited institutional children, to cultivate an appreciation for the arts. It added deeper roots to the cultural experience and imbued greater significance to Winbond Family Day. The total expenditure for this cultural event amounted to NT$7,291,504.


Number of participants is