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Green Product

Winbond has integrated our core innovative technology competencies with sustainable energy conservation and carbon reduction goals. Through green product design, digitalizing information systems, and improving production efficiency, Winbond can develop and optimize our products in various different areas, strictly controlling each step of our product process. Winbond promises to deliver the highest quality products to customers, minimizing the carbon emissions required to deliver our products into the hands of customers and consumers. While benefiting from the convenience brought about by technology, Winbond is lowing the impact to environment and helping the overall value chain effectively reducing carbon emissions.

SDGs 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
SDGs 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

The accumulated granted patents have exceeded


1.2V NOR Flash, compared with 1.8V NOR Flash, the total power consumption is reduced by



Completed ISO 14067 carbon footprint inventory for IC products

ISO 14067

Product and Service Quality Management

Quality Management for Products and Services

Winbond’s product policy is to become a world class company offering products/services that best satisfy our customers, by establishing Total Quality Management, Zero Defect and Quality First quality culture through the process of continuous improvement. Following this policy, Winbond has established various rules and standards that Winbond abide by. Apart from ensuring that our product quality and packaging meets the legal requirements of each country and region, Winbond has also carried out quality management through various international product quality systems, such as the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 26262 standards that Winbond has received third-party certification for. Winbond has focused on carrying out quality management by defining and tracking quality performance indicators, and have continuously implemented improvement measures. By adopting various management processes, such as FMEA, SPC, and MSA tools, Winbond conduct comprehensive assessments, evaluations, and improvements to our product quality in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Apart from having adopted international product quality management systems to meet our product quality goals, Winbond has also proactively attempted to cultivate a culture of product quality management through methods such as FMEA analysis, 5-Why analysis, and creating the Winbond Quality Newsletter, advocating for and promoting quality-related policies, culture, activities, and methods, that enable our employees to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of quality.

Quality Management Systems and Processes

International Standards Certification

Winbond has continued to strictly manage our production process and quality control. Not only the stable and well-appointed factory in Central Science Park factory but also our Kaohsiung Fab began production operations, and successfully obtained the IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and QC 080000 international standards certifications in 2022. In order to improve product quality, Winbond has improved its yield analysis, supply chain management, and adopted other methods to better understand customer needs in order to continuously improve its product quality. Additionally, Winbond has received multiple certifications verifying our compliance with RBA, ESG, and other international standards. Following the high standards of our customers, Winbond has implemented hazardous substances and production environment management, as well as fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

ISO 9001

IATF 16949

QC 080000

ISO 27001

ISO 26262

ISO/SAE 21434

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 50001

Quality Awards Won

Winbond has proactively participated in the Taiwan Continuous Improvement Awards (TCIA), a national competition supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau, and organized by the Corporate Synergy Development Center. From 2013 onwards, Winbond has for ten years in a row been promoted to the highest-level Zhi-Shan Group. Each year, Winbond continue to work hard towards improving our quality. In 2022, Winbond also won two Golden Awards and two Silver Awards, showcasing our exceptional achievements. These honors are a testament to the enthusiasm towards learning displayed by Winbond employees, as well as of the high priority Winbond place on quality and our commitment to making continuous improvements. At the same time, they are evidence that Winbond has lived up to the trust that our customers have placed on us. These achievements have further advanced Winbond’s long-term stable development.

Team nameEvent themePrizeEvent link
Team PerseveranceReducing the incidence of memory wafer pad corrosionGolden Award
Team CollaborationCreating a smart chemicals plant, greatly improving Winbond production capacityGolden Award
Team GreenIncreasing tap water usage efficiencySilver Award-
Team PrecisionEstablished the Probe Card precision prediction system, greatly improving testing productivitySilver Award-

Quality Awards Won by year