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Corporate Governance

“Business integrity” is the foundation of the sustainable operation of the enterprise, and it is the highest corporate culture and spirit of Winbond. Winbond is committed to formulating comprehensive corporate governance regulations and management processes, and continuously monitoring and improving processes. With the efforts of all colleagues, Winbond has been ranked in the top 20% since the first corporate governance evaluation. Winbond will continue to embrace the corporate culture founded on business integrity to establish our trustworthy and reputable company reputation.

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SDGs 13 Climate Action
SDGs 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Integrity and ethics education and training



Renewable energy investment



Invested in the world’s largest blue carbon project, and obtained


tons of CO2e

Business Integrity

Business Integrity

“Business integrity” is Winbond’s highest ethical standard. The human resources unit is responsible for the establishment and development of the corporate culture of business integrity, and making colleagues familiar with the content of business integrity through the formulation of regulations, continuous improvement, supervision and control, and education and training; regulations are also formulated, such as “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles,” ”Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles,” “Sustainability Development Best Practice Principles,” “Corporate Social Responsibility Manual,” “Code of Ethics for Directors” and “Employee Code of Conduct,” embedding business integrity into the company’s culture. 

An annual report on business integrity management promotion and training is presented to the Board by the HR in the fourth quarter of each year. Internal cultural promotion, weekly articles on corporate philosophy, and promotion of policy announcements published on the employees’ homepages are used to strengthen the implementation of education and training on labor rights, environmental protection, health and safety, ethical standards, and prevention of insider trading. Winbond strengthens internal ethical awareness to ensure compliance with corporate ethics and government regulations and implements sound business integrity management.

2022 Business Integrity Management Performance


In 2022, the online course “Promotion of Ethics for Employees” was hosted, covering “business integrity” (insider trading prevention, fair trading, advertising and competition, identity protection, preventing retaliation, etc.) and labor rights, which was promoted to bases around the world. A total of 3,824 global employees have been trained, with a total of 1,530 hours. All directors and employees have completed the training.


There were no economic or environmental violations at Winbond, nor were there any cases of corruption, anti-competitive behavior, or violations related to marketing and labeling.


2022 No complaints on violation of business integrity were submitted through the complaint channel in 2022.

Productivity and Business Performance

In 2022, Winbond’s consolidated revenue amounted to NT$94.53 billion, a slight decrease of 5% from 2021; our consolidated net earnings after tax reached NT$15 billion, and our after-tax EPS was NT$3.25. We paid a consolidated income tax of NT$4.03 billion, which accounted for 4.26% of our total revenue. For explanation and analysis of other categories of financial performance, please refer to Winbond’s 2022 Annual Report.

2022 Market Distribution

Note: For Winbond’s financial performance and sales volume in 2022, please refer to .our 2022 Annual Report