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Corporate Governance

“Business integrity” is the foundation of the sustainable operation of the enterprise, and it is the highest corporate culture and spirit of Winbond. Winbond is committed to formulating comprehensive corporate governance regulations and management processes, and continuously monitoring and improving processes. With the efforts of all colleagues, Winbond has been ranked in the top 20% since the first corporate governance evaluation. Winbond will continue to embrace the corporate culture founded on business integrity to establish our trustworthy and reputable company reputation.

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SDGs 13 Climate Action
SDGs 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board Diversity Policy

Article 20 of the Corporate Governance Code of Practice stipulates that the structure of the Company's board of directors should take into account the company's business development scale, major shareholders' shareholding and the diversity of members. etc.), gender, age, nationality, culture or field of work, etc., and consider the needs of practical operations to determine the appropriate number of directors with more than 5 people. The specific management objectives of the 13th (112-115) Board of Directors Diversification Policy:

  • More than 1/2 of the seats of independent directors shall have a consecutive term of no more than 3 terms: achieve
  • Increase the number of female directors from 2 to 3: achieve
  • The number of directors who concurrently act as a manager is less than 1/5 of all directors:achieve
  • Maintain 2 major shareholder seats:achieve
PositionNameGenderDiversification items
ManagementLeadership decisionIndustry knowledgeFinancial accountingInformation technology
ChairmanArthur Yu-Cheng ChiaoMale
Vice ChairmanChin-Xin Investment Co., Ltd (Representative:Tung-Yi Chan)Male
DirectorYung ChinFemale
Independent DirectorAllen HsuMale
Independent DirectorStephen T. TsoMale
Independent DirectorChung-Ming KuanMale 
Independent DirectorJong-Peir LiMale
DirectorWalsin Lihwa Corporation (Representative: Fred Pan)Male
DirectorJamie LinMale
DirectorWei-Hsin MaFemale
Percentage of all directorsProportion of independent directors to all directorsProportion of directors as employees to all directorsAge distribution
MaleFemaleOver 50 years oldUnder 50 years old

Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors

The Fifth Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ninth Term of the company (December 21, 2011) formulated the " Rules for Remuneration and Performance Assessment of Directors and Supervisors ", and established the performance evaluation system of the board of directors to measure the works of directors guiding the Company's strategic directions and overseeing the Company's operations and management so as to help increase the long-term shareholder value. The staff in charge of board meeting affairs will compile the results and submit the results to the Remuneration Committee and the Board of Directors, and based on which, draw up the Board of Directors performance enhancement plan. In order to strengthen the operational efficiency of the board of directors, the Twenty-Second Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Eleventh Term of the company (April 30, 2020) amended the company’s "Rules for Remuneration of Directors and Performance Assessment of the Board of Directors ", and clearly stipulated that an external professional organization will be appointed to conduct board performance every three years. For relevant information, please see attachment.

External Board's performance evaluation

In 2011, the company entrusted an external organization "Taiwan Corporate Governance Associationn" to evaluate the effectiveness of the board of directors. The company reported the evaluation results and improvement plans at the 2022/12/14 board meeting.

  • Implementation Date:111/08/31 Issuance of Assessment Report
  • External Professional Organization:Taiwan Corporate Governance Association
  • Is the external organization independent: Yes
  • Assessment Method: Conducting online interviews after reviewing relevant materials
  • Standards: The assessment is conducted based on eight dimensions: Board Composition, Board Guidance, Board Authorization, Board Oversight, Board Communication, Internal Control and Risk Management, Board Self-discipline, and Other Support Systems.
  • Improvement Recommendations and Future Improvement Plans: 2022 external evaluation results of Winbond’s Board performance

Corporate Governance Implementation

  1. Establishment of Corporate Governance Practices: Approved by the 5th meeting of the 10th Board of Directors (Details in the Governance Guidelines and Regulations).
  2. Promoting Advocacy for Preventing Insider Trading

    To ensure shareholder equality and maintain fairness in securities market transactions, MediaTek has established a management procedure for preventing insider trading. This procedure prohibits insiders or employees from profiting by utilizing information not available to the market. Advocacy for preventing insider trading is conducted monthly to prevent unintentional violations of insider trading regulations due to lack of knowledge. Furthermore, it is stipulated that directors are not allowed to trade their stocks during the 30 days before the annual financial report announcement and the 15 days before each quarterly financial report announcement. (For details about the "Management Procedure for Preventing Insider Trading," please refer to the "Company Regulations" section.)

Financial Reporting PeriodsFinancial Report Announcement DateDirectors are reminded via email that trading in securities is prohibited during closed periods
Financial Report for 1Q222022/05/052022/04/18
Financial Report for 2Q222022/05/052022/04/18
Financial Report for 3Q222022/08/042022/07/19
Financial Report for 4Q222023/02/162023/01/17
Financial Report for 1Q232023/05/042023/04/14
Financial Report for 2Q232023/08/032023/07/19
Financial Report for 3Q232023/11/022023/10/13
Financial Report for 4Q232024/02/062023/12/28

Corporate Governance Officer

The Corporate Governance Officer of Winbond is Chih-Chung Chou, who serves as the Chief Financial Officer (appointed by the 18th meeting of the 12th Board of Directors). 


Scope of Corporate Governance Officer's Responsibilities: To ensure compliance with board and shareholder meeting procedures and relevant regulations, and to facilitate information exchange and communication between board members and between the board and management.