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Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Sustainability Performance


  • Since 2006, Winbond has participated in Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) and the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) PFCs emission reduction projects, and has reduced a total of about 2.1 million tons CO2e
  • From 2018 to 2022, a total of 380 million kWh of electricity has been saved, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 108,361 households
  • Winbond collaborates with Microsoft to develop Carbon Emissions Information Platform
  • Central Taiwan Science Park Facility has installed rooftop solar power generation equipment, and the power generation capacity reached 660,000660,000 kWh in 2022
  • The water recycling volume reached 11.15 million cubic meters, and the plant-wide water recycling rate reached 80.5%
  • 8,633 metric tons of waste were recycled, resulting in a recycling rate of 90.1%
  • Certified ISO 50001 Energy Management System in 2022
  • Cumulative water conservation of 3,530 megaliters from 2018 to 2022


  • In 2022, human rights due diligence were implemented for all employees for the first time
  • Provide employees' children with a "childcare subsidy" of 6,000 NT per month. From 2011 to 2022, a total of 298,832,873 NT has been paid
  • 82% utilization rate of LOHAS leave in 2022 (7 days LOHAS leave per year)
  • The average salary of non-supervisors is 1.93 million
  • By the end of 2022, there will be 32 employees with disabilities on the job, and the number of employees weighted according to the degree of disability will be 47
  • Nurturing cross-disciplinary talent in the semiconductor field, collaborating with National Cheng Kung University to promote the 'Semiconductor Program'
  • The average training hours of staff is 42 hours


  • Publish the first independent TCFD report in 2023
  • The first purchase of blue carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions for the family day, to achieve a zero-carbon family day
  • Investing in renewable energy development projects and continuing alliances and exchanges with green industry suppliers
  • Signed a NT$20 billion sustainability-linked syndicated loan joint credit agreement with 11 banks, and maintained sustainable performance such as carbon reduction, power saving and corporate governance
  • Join the Taiwan Climate Partnership in 2022, and the chairman will serve as a member of the alliance
  • Invested in Pakistan's mangrove conservation project, which is currently the largest blue carbon project in the world
  • Certified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System , and set up Chief Information Security Officer
  • Selected for the first time as one of the Top 100 Global Innovative Institutions by Clarivate Analytics