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Sustainable Supply Chain

Supply chain management is becoming regional and shorter than ever before. Therefore, how to manage supply chain to keep sustainability has become one of the main challenges today. In order to establish a more resilient and sustainable supply chain, Winbond has proactively promoted corporate sustainable development by broadening the scope of these efforts. For pursuring a long-term and sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, we also hope to attract potential suppliers who share the same vision of sustainable business operations with us. By implementing sustainable supply chain management policies, and collaborating on regular ESG supplier workshops, environmental conservation investigations, and supplier sustainability training courses, we are truly appreciated to embed sustainability elements into Winbond’s sustainable supply chain management system gradually.

SDGs 17 Partnerships for the Goals
SDGs 13 Climate Action
SDGs 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

15 Material Suppliers Participated in ESG Workshops



65 Material Suppliers Sustainable supply chain environmental surveys



8 packaging and testing outsourcers completed product carbon footprint inventory and verification


Material Suppliers

Sustainable Supply Chain Communication

Sustainable Supply Chain Communication

Winbond regularly communicates with suppliers. Winbond highly values our partnership with suppliers, and hope to work together with our suppliers to collectively improve sustainability competitiveness and performance, which Winbond considers part of our social responsibility.

Supplier Conference

Winbond Electronics highly values its long-term partnerships with our outsourcers, and hosts an annual supplier conference where Winbond announces our quality and corporate social responsibility policies to our suppliers. Through this conference, Winbond is also able to update our suppliers on any changes to our quality requirements, and share new innovative technologies in the industry, deepening our common understanding and partnership with our OSAT suppliers. Winbond hopes to work together with our suppliers to implement sustainable development, and in 2022 100% of our outsourcers attended the supplier conference.

Supplier/Outsourcer Guidance and Product Carbon Footprint

Winbond hopes to be able grow alongside our supplier and outsourcer partners, creating a sustainable supply chain. In order to share our carbon footprint inventory and verification experiences with our outsourcers, Winbond has proactively assisted our outsourcers in completing their own carbon footprint inventory, in order to better achieve future carbon reduction goals and implement carbon reduction programs. This creates a win-win situation, while also improving supply chain sustainable resilience at the same time.

2022 Outsourcer Guidance Outcomes

ContentItem ScopeOutcomes
Carbon footprint inventory8 packaging and testing outsourcers conducted carbon footprint inventory and verificationIn 2022, 8 packaging and testing outsourcers all 100% completed product carbon footprint inventory and verification

Supplier/Outsourcer Guidance Education and Training for Security Personnel

Winbond establishes a training schedule for its security personnel each year, and conducts regular training on topics such as human rights. Winbond also arrange for our security contractors to undergo RBA audits. As of 2022, all of our security contractors have passed RBA audits comprised of 10 total audit items, including items on human rights, health, and safety. This not only ensures that Winbond is able to maintain a safe workplace, but also increases the awareness of our security contractors on their social responsibilities, improving their performance in this aspect.

Education and Training Outcomes

TopicContentNumber of security personnelLength of training course (hours)Facility
Workplace equalityTraining and courses on topics such as workplace bullying, abuse, harassment260.5CTSP Fab
220.5Kaohsiung Fab
100.5Zhubei Building
COVID awarenessInformed security personnel on the need for employees/visitors/contractor employees to have their body temperatures taken and to wear a mask when entering our facilities261CTSP Fab
221Kaohsiung Fab
101Zhubei Building