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Environmental Sustainability

Winbond has worked alongside countries and companies from around the world to implement green sustainability measures, proactively reducing the impact that our business operations have on the environment. Apart from having no major violations of environmental laws, Winbond has also committed innovative new technologies and significant resources into adopting measures for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, improving resource utilization rates, and improving waste and emissions management, taking concrete action to implement our sustainable development blueprint.

Cumulative energy savings from 2018 to 2022 reached



The water recovery rate of the whole plant reached



Removal rate for VOCs in 2022 reached



Waste Management

Waste Management

Waste Recycling Rate

  2020 2021 2022
Total Waste Recycling Rate 92.5% 93.3% 90.1%

Waste Production, Disposal, and Transfer

  2020 2021 2022
Waste Recycling (Metric Tons) 6,079 7,212 8,633
Percentage of Hazardous Waste Recycling 38% 45% 48%