Winbond presents 2023 Winbond Carbon Neutral Family Day and Winbond Corporate Song in response to environmental sustainability

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Winbond presents 2023 Winbond Carbon Neutral Family Day and Winbond Corporate Song in response to environmental sustainability

Sustainability News2023.10.28
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2023 Winbond Carbon Neutral Family Day, centered on the theme ' Embracing AI for a Sustainable Green Future,' continues the focus on sustainable environmental initiatives. Family day today was held at the National Palace Museum Southern Branch, and it symbolizes the company's commitment to leading the future of ESG sustainability through the integration of AI technology. Furthermore, Winbond unveiled its corporate song for the first time on the Family Day, marking the beginning of the 36th-anniversary celebration. 

Since last year, Winbond has been responding to the trend of achieving net-zero carbon emissions, therefore, it organized the Carbon Neutral Family Day by purchasing voluntary carbon credits to offset carbon emissions, aligning with its commitment to sustainable development. For the second consecutive year, the company has conducted a comprehensive assessment of carbon emissions for the Family Day event and used its own voluntary carbon credits to create the Winbond "Carbon Neutral Family Day." 

The event also embodies green living practices in various aspects. In the "environmental" aspect, the event for the first time implemented electronic payments through a dedicated app at booths and encouraged employees to use eco-friendly tableware with discounts, effectively reducing resource degradation. In the "social" aspect, Winbond promoted sustainability education through an online ESG digital community and physical "Sustainable Engagement" experiential activities. Winbond also invited both employees and children sponsored by Winbond to participate in the Family Day event and visit the National Palace Museum Southern Branch for a cultural and artistic journey. In the "economic" aspect, Winbond prioritized support for local manufacturers and the procurement of environmentally friendly products to stimulate more cross-sector collaborations. The highlight of this year's Winbond Family Day was the formal presentation of the Winbond corporate song, led by the Chairman, General Manager, and top executives. This collective singing was not just a performance; it aimed to strengthen unity, perpetuate the company's culture, and inspire everyone to embrace upcoming challenges. Every aspect of the "Winbond Corporate Song", from its lyrics and composition to its performance, embodies the company's core values. The lyrics are a testament to a spirit of innovation and a passion for learning. With the aid of AI in a collaborative effort between machine and staff, the creation process was smooth. Furthermore, the composition and singing came from spontaneous teamwork among Winbond employees, underlining Winbond's emphasis on a committed team spirit. 

Winbond actively involves in the development of green products and technologies while also dedicated to creating a workplace environment that fosters a passion for learning and happiness. Through Family Day activities that involve employees and their families, we aim to enhance employees' self-worth and strengthen their awareness and actions towards carbon reduction. We hope that our colleagues will continue to demonstrate their innovative spirit, ride the wave of AI and digital transformation, and work together to propel Winbond towards a sustainable future.


Chih-Chung Chou

Chief Financial Officer

News Liaison

Mandy Wang