Driving a carbon reduction culture: embracing sustainable thinking everywhere

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Driving a carbon reduction culture: embracing sustainable thinking everywhere

Spotlight Story2023.06.30
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Enhancing TCFD climate change governance

To strengthen climate change governance, a TCFD has been established and the TCFD management framework has been introduced for us to identify climate-related risks and opportunities as the basis for reviewing Winbond's strategies in response to climate issues and establishing relevant management indicators. Winbond also publishes climate-related financial disclosure reports to continuously review and focus on enhancing Winbond's operational resilience towards climate change.

Important Board agenda and reports related to climate in 2022
  • Report on GHG inventory and verification schedule (including subsidiary companies)
  • Passed the proposed increase budget for capital expenditure (for replacement with energy-efficient equipment)
  • Passed the establishment of the ESG committee and the formulation of organizational regulations
  • Passed the investment in Chia-Ho Green Energy Corporation
  • Report on the plan to achieve the 2030 renewable energy target
  • Report on the 2022 carbon credit trading plan
  • Regular reports on the progress of GHG inventory in 2022 (including subsidiary companies)
  • Regular reports on the progress of sustainable development initiatives

Joining Taiwan Climate Partnership to exert social influence

In 2022, Winbond joined the Taiwan Climate Partnership, with Chairman Yu-Cheng Chiao serving as a board member of the Partnership. By joining the Taiwan Climate Partnership, Winbond aims to leverage its industry influence and take practical actions to realize carbon reduction goals in collaboration with the upstream and downstream supply chains. In addition to responding to the demands of international brand customers, this move also demonstrates Winbond's high level of concern for climate change issues.


Driving a carbon reduction culture: embracing sustainable thinking everywhere

Corporate sustainability and global sustainability are interconnected concepts, and it is not a new issue for Winbond. Winbond actively reduces waste and implement a carbon reduction culture in our daily operations. The "Zero Carbon Family Day" is an example of this. In a fun and educational way, Winbond encourages employees and their families to actively conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions in their daily lives, such as bringing their own eco-friendly food containers, using reusable cups, promoting carpooling, ethical purchasing, environmental awareness, waste reduction, and using electric vehicles, among other practices, to collectively contribute to mitigating climate change.

Zero Carbon Family Day strengthens the carbon reduction awareness of all employees and extends influence to the next generation

Winbond's "Zero Carbon Family Day" focused on promoting net-zero emissions and green living, with nearly 7,000 employees and their families participating together, showing their concern for green sustainability issues and expanding their influence!

For the first time, the carbon emissions generated on Family Day were retired through the purchase of blue carbon credits, achieving a zero carbon family day.


The retirement certificate was issued by the Climate Impact X, a carbon credit exchange based in Singapore