Winbond was Awarded Six Honors at The "TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards" and Recognized with The "BSI Sustainable Resilience Excellence Award"

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Winbond was Awarded Six Honors at The "TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards" and Recognized with The "BSI Sustainable Resilience Excellence Award"

Sustainability News2023.11.15
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Winbond was Awarded Six Honors at The "TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards," with Pei-Ming Chen(on the right), President of Winbond, representing and receiving the awards


Winbond was recently awarded six honors at the "TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards" organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), and also recognized with the "2023 BSI Sustainable Resilience Excellence Award" from the British Standards Institution (BSI). These recognitions showcase Winbond's achievements in balancing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects and operational resilience. The "TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards" evaluates companies' ESG sustainability performance through comprehensive and international standards, and Winbond consistently receives accolades such as "Taiwan Top 100 Sustainable Corporate Award," "Corporate Sustainability Report Award – Platinum Level," "Talent Development Leadership Award," "Innovation Growth Leadership Award," and more. In 2023, Winbond was firstly honored with awards for " Human Rights Leadership Award" and "Workplace Wellbeing Leadership Award." On the other hand, The BSI, a global standard-setting organization, annually recognizes domestic companies committed to achieving net-zero and sustainable development. Already honored with the "BSI Sustainable Resilience Outstanding Award" two times in recent years, furthermore, Winbond was honored with the higher ranking "BSI Sustainable Resilience Excellence Award" in 2023 for the first time.


Winbond continues to invest corporate resources and strengths to exert social impact, creating value in the three major sustainability dimensions of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). On the environmental front, Winbond consistently optimizes green product innovation and low-carbon production. Winbond has established a carbon emission information platform, combining digital transformation and artificial intelligence to enhance production efficiency and research and development processes, Winbond has also obtained the ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification. In 2022, Winbond became the world's first memory manufacturer obtained Cybersecurity Systems for Road Vehicles and was honored for the first time in Clarivate's Top 100 Global Innovators list. These achievements reflect Winbond's proactive integration of innovative thinking into product and technology development process, leading to the honor of "TCSA Innovation and Growth Leadership Award" in 2023.

In the social dimension, Winbond sets "Friendly Workplace" and "Zero Accidents" as employee well-being goals, adhering to international human rights standards and labor-related regulations. Winbond received platinum certification for RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) VAP in 2020 and 2022, and it conducted a human rights due diligence investigation for all employees at its Taiwan headquarters in 2022. Additionally, Winbond has established a continuous learning ecosystem and offers high-quality compensation and benefits. Consequently, the company has been consistently selected as part of the Taiwan Compensation 100 Index and received recognition in the TCSA Sustainability Awards for "Talent Development Leadership Award," " Human Rights Leadership Award," and "Workplace Wellbeing Leadership Award" in 2023.

Regarding governance, Winbond strengthened climate governance in 2023, creating a green sustainable business model. Winbond’s 2023 sustainability report followed GRI Standards, incorporated TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) framework, and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) standards. Winbond also completed independent reports, including Materiality Analysis report, TCFD report, Human Rights Due Diligence Report, and Responsible Minerals Due Diligence report, leading to the "TCSA Corporate Sustainability Report Award – Platinum Level" in the Electronics and Information Manufacturing Industry. Winbond consistently ranks in the top 20% since the first corporate governance evaluation and is recognized for operating with "business integrity" as the highest ethical standard in all business activities.

Winbond expressed its expectation that through participation in awards, it will enhance and review specific ESG indicators, improve sustainable performance, and lead the company to set benchmarks in various aspects such as economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion, moving towards sustainable development.


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