Winbond joined the Launch Ceremony of TCX's International Carbon Credit Trading Platform

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Winbond joined the Launch Ceremony of TCX's International Carbon Credit Trading Platform

Sustainability News2023.12.22
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Winbond joined the Launch Ceremony of TCX's International Carbon Credit Trading Platform, with Pei-Ming Chen(on the right), President of Winbond, representing and receiving the certificate


Winbond Electronics (referred to as "Winbond") announced that the company has been invited to join the launch ceremony of the international carbon credit trading platform of Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange (referred to as "TCX"). Through participation in international carbon credit trading, Winbond aims to fulfill the carbon neutrality demands related to its operations, creating diverse sustainable benefits.

Winbond stated its commitment to proactive carbon reduction as a priority step in the process towards achieving 2050 net-zero emission goal. During this process, the company evaluates how to complement its efforts with carbon credits to achieve the goal. The launch of TCX's International Carbon Credit Trading Platform is a significant milestone for carbon credit trading in Taiwan, allowing Taiwanese companies to buy and sell international carbon credits on a domestic platform, thereby increasing the channels for obtaining international carbon credits.

The international carbon credits procured by Winbond through TCX come from voluntary emission reduction projects among six countries in Asia and Africa. These credits are issued by the international independent organization Gold Standard (GS) and cover clean water sources, solar power, and wind power. The acquired carbon credits will be offset against the company’s carbon emission in daily operations. Winbond hoped that through carbon credit trading, in addition to offsetting the company's carbon emissions, it can also achieve multiple sustainable benefits, such as protecting and restoring ecosystems related to water, promoting investment in energy infrastructure and clean energy technologies, and respecting the rights of local residents, aligning with various sustainable development goals.

Winbond further expressed that the company will continue to invest in the development of green products and technologies, focus on renewable energy policies, monitor the development of domestic and international carbon credit markets, and stay informed about regulations and trends in carbon neutrality. The company aspires to actively align with international sustainability initiatives, supporting sustainable actions both domestically and internationally, and collectively moving towards the goal of achieving net-zero emissions.


Chih-Chung Chou

Chief Financial Officer

News Liaison

Mandy Wang