Not only do Winbond take care of our employees, but Winbond also take care of their families

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Not only do Winbond take care of our employees, but Winbond also take care of their families

Spotlight Story2023.06.30
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Employees are long-term partners of Winbond, and as they enter the family stage of life, Winbond strives to become the most reliable ally for every employee who becomes a parent. We provide childcare allowances, flexible working hours, work-from-home options, and LOHAS Holiday, allowing our employees to balance their work and family life. Winbond is one of the few companies in the industry that extends group medical insurance coverage to employees' spouses and children.

Creating a friendly work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Winbond has implemented various employee welfare measures related to epidemic prevention based on the employee needs. These measures include paid vaccine leave, epidemic care leave, and group epidemic insurance, which covers employees, their spouses, and children. As work and lifestyle patterns have changed during the pandemic, Winbond provides systematic and professional psychological counseling services to support employees. Remote medical consultations and workplace resilience seminars are also conducted to provide employees with emotional and mental support during the epidemic. Winbond aims to create a friendly work environment during the epidemic, ensuring that employees can work in a healthy and secure manner.

Industry-leading childcare allowance

Winbond believes in creating a supportive work environment that provides resources for childcare. This not only helps mitigate the risks associated with declining birth rates but also recognizes that every child has the right to receive proper care and development. Winbond offers a monthly "Childcare Allowance" of NT$6,000 for employees' children in the hopes of easing the financial burden of childcare and providing support for employees' career development.

Since 2011, the Childcare Allowance has cumulatively reached NT$298,832,873, benefiting a total of 1,122 employees and 1,667 children who have received this support!
Father of five children: We have enjoyed the company's childcare allowance, and you can too!


During my 15 years at Winbond, I went from being single to getting married and having five sons. 

I am extremely grateful for Winbond's supportive policies that help employees achieve a balance between work and family. The LOHAS Holiday and flexible working hours have provided me with more quality time to spend with my children. The flexible vacation and delegation system also allow us to focus on our children when we are at home. 

But the most significant support has been the childbirth allowance. When we had our first child, we had to start from scratch, buying everything from diapers and cribs to baby clothes, car seats, strollers, and toys. They were all very expensive, and the quarterly childbirth allowance provided over four years felt like a regular dose of happiness. It greatly relieved the financial burden of raising children. Winbond's genuine commitment to its employees' families and personal lives is not just a slogan; it's something we can genuinely feel and experience.