Sustainable Supply Chain Upgrade Forum - Sustainability and Resilience of Supply chain

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Sustainable Supply Chain Upgrade Forum - Sustainability and Resilience of Supply chain

Spotlight Story2023.11.03
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Event date: 2023/11/03 

“Resilience”, was originally used in ecology and disaster research. However, since the emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the end of 2019 has re-organized people's imagination of life, resilience has gradually become more common in corporate management. Traditional supply chain management is shaped by the global division of labor by comparative advantage. However, in the past four years, global enterprises have been shrouded in climate change, COVID-19 epidemic, geopolitical risks, and the rapid changes in various information technologies. It also adds uncertainty, complexity and unpredictability to supply chain management. Therefore, as the timeline reaches the end of 2023, Winbond Electronics hopes to strengthen and gather supplier partners' confidence of 2024 with this forum. 


This forum invited Wang Junren, product manager of the British Standards Institution (BSI), take sustainability and resilience as the theme to give an overview of the international political and economic situation and sustainable risks which Winbond suppliers should pay attention to in recent years. Several first well-known international brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have gradually shifted the focus from environmental impacts to sustainable and integrated value co-creation with all suppliers. Moreover, the evolution of sustainable focus also including human rights due diligence management, which reflecting the value of human survival and civilization. 

Next section, Pan Jingwen, senior manager of Winbond Electronics' human resources department, giving a speech of the evolution of laws and regulations related to human rights risks in the supply chain, the scope of regulations, and more commonly occurring labor risks in the context of supply chain human rights management. In the end of the lecture, Pan also share the achievements of Winbond in human rights management in recent years. It is worth mentioning that this achievement obtained the award of TCSA, calling "Human Rights Practice and Development" and "Workplace Welfare Leadership Award" in 2023.


The "Sustainable Supply Chain Upgrading+" forum is not only a forum for discussion between Winbond and suppliers, but also one of the important platforms for management policies, systems and implementation promotion. In the end of the forum, Winbond's sustainable supply chain team conducted an annual management promotion. In addition to the management transformation and reform practices promoted in 2023, we are also very grateful to our suppliers for their support and brainstorming in the promotion of low-carbonization. In 2023, Winbond is the first semiconductor manufacturer to receive a full NT$30 million subsidy from the Industrial Development Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs because of the low-carbon cooperation project with suppliers. This performance also lead Winbond to be invited to have a speech on "2023 Sustainable Supply Chain Transformation and Innovative Application Forum". In the face of the upcoming 2024, resilience is not only synonymous of stability of Winbond’s supply chain, it will also become one of the indicators for measuring the context of stability of Winbond’s supply chain. We will continue to strive for the recognition and support of our suppliers, and moving forward on the road of sustainability.